Bill Fyfe

Words of praise for Dr. Fitzpatrick

Thank you, Dr. Sean Fitzpatrick.
Last winter on a dark and icy evening, I slipped and shattered my right shoulder into many pieces of bone fragments and torn tissue. Humerus, ball and socket, and rotator cuffs obliterated. I am right handed. 
I was lucky that at Renown Hospital Emergency Dr. Sean Fitzpatrick of GBO was on property and available for consult. With an outgoing and friendly demeanor, he explained why I needed the most radical and complicated of shoulder surgeries — a complete reverse shoulder replacement. He took his time to make sure I understood the need, the process, and the possible outcome. I knew I wanted him to do the surgery. 
The procedure was not available only 20 years ago and I would have had a relatively useless arm with the options available then. With Dr. Fitzpatrick’s expertise in the procedure, my surgery was successful.
The rehab was hard, but the outcome was excellent. I have a shoulder, arm, and hand that allow me to do almost all of my routine daily activities. At 75 years old, I can still hit a golf ball — not quite as far, but straighter. I feel very fortunate to be under the care of Dr. Fitzpatrick.   
Bill Fyfe
Sparks, Nevada