Dr Dooley explains hand disorder to patient

Hand and Upper Extremity

The hands and upper extremities allow us to do so much: We hold, hug, eat and write with the assistance of these important physical tools. 
So if you are experiencing chronic pain or an acute injury of the hand, wrist, forearm, elbow or shoulder, our goal is to return you to maximum functionality so you can enjoy the hugs — and anything else you associate with your quality lifestyle. 
Disorders of the hand and upper extremity are among the most common complaints of humans. Because of the sheer amount of work these parts of our bodies perform, they are subjected to far more stress and strain than other parts of your body. 
At Great Basin Orthopaedics, we are skilled in the total care of hand and upper extremity problems — from repair of sudden onset or injury to reconstruction, restoration and rehabilitation resulting from congenital deformity, arthritic conditions or previous injury.
Here are just a few of the most common conditions we treat pertaining to these essential parts of your body:
Shoulder & Elbow
Hand & Wrist
Diseases and Conditions