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For the better part of five decades, the foundation of our business has been built upon the strength of our satisfied patients' referrals.

Did you have a good experience with Great Basin Ortho? We would appreciate hearing your story, please send us a testimonial or review us on Google, Yelp, Healthgrades or Facebook.

“I am grateful to Dr. Fitzpatrick for giving me back my mobility so I can get back to living my life. Dr. Fitzpatrick is pleasant and easy to talk to. I felt really confident in him. He was very upfront with what was going on and explained all of the risks and the positives. Thanks to Dr. Fitzpatrick, I wasn’t even in as much pain right after surgery as I was before I went into surgery. And it just keeps getting better. The office staff are always friendly and helpful. Overall, I had a wonderful experience and I highly recommend him and Great Basin Orthopaedics. If you need an orthopaedic guy, this is who you want to go see.”
–Judy Lester

"After injuring my knee, and being told I could look forward to surgery and several months of recovery, I was referred by several friends to see Dr. Mullins at Great Basin Orthopaedics. Not only did he see me the very next day, he replaced the caveman brace I was given at the hospital, talked me through my options, and let me know what I could expect over the next few months. I'm so happy to say that within two weeks of seeing Dr. Mullins, I was able to walk without crutches, and now, a month later, I rarely even notice my knee has a problem. I can't imagine what might have happened had I gone to another doctor. I was able to return to my work full duty within three weeks of my injury! His staff is extremely professional and made me feel welcome. Follow up on my progress has been great. He's definitely a five-star physician, with a great office."
–Christine Lopez

"Dr. Lilyquist performed surgery on my shoulder last November. He reattached my bicep tendon using a newer technique, repaired my labrum and did other repairs. I am amazed how I great I feel today. I know people who have had similar surgeries (from other surgeons) and their shoulders are never the same.  I am lifting weights and back to riding difficult trails on my mountain bike...pain free! Kudos to Dr. Lilyquist! Great surgeon, great doctor, great person."
–John Cossavella

"My 11-year-old son recently fractured his left wrist when he put out his hand to keep himself from falling. Dr. Hayes put him in the coolest cast I've ever seen. It was like a corset - a structure that went around his arm that was comfortable, flexible, sweat-absorbent and allowed him to loosen it when he needed to. He could even take it off to shower. Technology is amazing these days! I can always tell if I'm going to like a doctor when I don't feel like they have somewhere else to be when they're with me. I ask a lot of questions because I want to understand what's going on. Dr. Hayes answered all of my questions until I didn't have anymore. The care we received at GBO was so good, I'm considering changing doctors for my knee."
–Shelly Sayles

"He spent a lot of time talking with me. We talked about my cycling and my goals. He was the first doctor that seemed to understand my needs. I spent a lot of years in pain, but I am grateful I waited until I found Dr. Fyda. I don't believe I would be where I am today if I had gone with a different surgeon."
–Read cyclist Jenny Frayer's story

"Dr. Lilyquist did my shoulder replacement in July — he is a fabulous surgeon. I’m doing fantastic already."
–Suzanne Rosa

“I worked in the medical field for 20 years, working with a lot of doctors. And I’ve also been to a lot of doctors as a patient, so I know how they can be. Great Basin Orthopaedics (GBO) is the best, most well-run office I’ve ever been  to. Dr. Dolan was so professional and explained everything clearly. He’s a very smart man and has a great bedside manner. The entire office is efficient, polite and friendly. The office management should be commended for their insight in running a professional and friendly environment for their patients and families. I highly recommend Dr. Dolan and Great Basin Orthopaedics for anyone needing orthopedic care.”  
–Anna Vitteriti

"It was very scary when my 92-year-old mom (Margie Boone Askin) fell and fractured her femur in December. However, she was able to have her right hip hemiarthoplasty (half total hip) surgery within a couple of days. We were so pleased with Dr. Dooley, who was assisted by Dr. Hayes. As a nurse, I know that kind of surgery can by high risk for someone of her age, but she is especially fragile, as she has osteoarthritis and has had several fractures in her back. Both surgeons and the other members of the team were very reassuring, while still being realistic. She came through the surgery with flying colors. Her healing has been slow, but she is in high spirits.”  
–Cindy Boone Lowey

"I was first referred to Dr. Tom Fyda when my son injured his ankle during a high school football game.  After that it was a shoulder injury and then a knee injury, both suffered during separate wrestling matches. After each injury my son healed beautifully, so when I needed an orthopedic surgeon, I knew there was only one doctor I would call…Tom Fyda! I suffered a labral tear, plus other mishaps, in my right shoulder which is my dominant arm. Dr. Fyda fixed it and my golf swing is back in action.  My last visit to Dr. Fyda was hands down the hardest…fractured right tibia; wasn't sure if I would ever be able to wakeboard, snowboard or run ever again. That was the fall of 2009. That winter I was back on my snowboard and not long after that wakeboarding and running again. Not only is he a talented surgeon and a motivator, but he gets how the whole spectrum of care-from his office staff to physical therapists-must work together so the patient can fully heal. I've been in the healthcare business for 29 years in Reno and Dr. Fyda is my Orthopedic Surgeon of choice! –Kelly N.

"I was walking my dog when another dog came along and startled us. My dog proceeded to charge after it and I was knocked to the ground. I landed on my shoulder and broke my clavicle and humerus. I initially went to another orthopedic practice and was very unhappy. After my first surgery and physical therapy, I wasn't healing and was in a lot of pain. My daughter Nicole works for Great Basin Orthopedics so I had my records transferred over there and met with Dr. Dolan. I wish I would have gone there first! He had a lovely bedside manner. He would sit with me and show me my x-rays and explain what was going on, something my first surgeon at the other place never did. After two surgeries with Dr. Dolan, I'm happy to say I'm active again and feeling much better than before. I would recommend Great Basin Orthopaedics to anyone. The staff treated me very well. Every time I walked in, everyone knew my name and I wasn't just a number like at the other place." 
–Christine Prince

"I'm very pleased with everything they have done for me."
–Betty T. 

"Dr. Dolan is an absolute all-star. He treated our son for a fracture and his staff was just as awesome as he is. I will be coming back I'm sure, as I have two sons who think they're invincible. The decor of the office is modern and clean along with the iPad to do your paperwork, which takes much less time than the old paper drill. If you need an orthopedic surgeon, then Dr. Dolan is your guy. Thanks Dr. Dolan for your great knowledge and dedication and thanks to your staff for their kind and welcoming environment." 
–Nate I. 

"Several years ago, I was having horrible shoulder pain. Simple, everyday tasks such as putting on my seatbelt, getting dressed, taking things off a shelf, etc. were so pai nful that I finally made an appointment to see Dr. Mullins. He was very knowledgeable, caring, and was able to explain to me in normal people language the extent of my shoulder issues.

After several treatment options didn't work, I opted for shoulder surgery. My shoulder is 100%, I'm pain-free and extremely pleased with the treatment I received from Dr. Mullins and his staff. I will be honest: The recovery was not easy, but the results are amazing and worth it — so much so that I recently had the same procedure on my other shoulder.

Dr. Mullins and his staff at Great Basin Orthopaedics made my surgery experience as easy as possible, and I'm very happy with the way my shoulder is healing. If you are having pain, take the time to see Dr. Mullins: He will be honest, open, and will provide you with the best care to get better quickly." –Ailene Azzam, Reno

"I recommend Dr. Dolan whenever I hear of someone with knee pain. He has been helping me with a cartilage problem in my knee for the last three years. I know I'll need surgery eventually, but he's been great about helping me manage it in the meantime."  
–Jenny Likes 

"I originally met Dr. Dolan a couple years ago when I tore one of my biceps. Then, earlier this year I was experiencing pain in my shoulder while bowling and thought I'd be seeing him again soon. But before I was able to make an appointment, I fell while shoveling snow and accelerated the problem. Dr. Dolan had me get an MRI and that confirmed I had torn my rotator cuff and needed surgery. He's a great surgeon, very thorough and a nice guy. My pain was so minimal, I was off the pain pills in three days and sleeping in my bed which is not always possible after shoulder surgery." 
–Andrew Martonyi 

"I was a Sparks mail carrier for 30 years. The repeated weight of my satchel caused some problems on my right side. I was experiencing a lot of pain in my right knee last fall so I went to see Dr. Dolan, after my general practitioner, Dr. Katie Dolan (his cousin), recommended him. We tried a cortisone shot at first but then ended up doing surgery in February of this year. Everything from pre- to post surgery went extremely well. After six weeks of physical therapy, I'm hiking, swimming twice a week, riding horses and fishing with my husband. I just love Dr. Dolan. His socks always match his tie and he's so personable. His bedside manner is beyond the point of being wonderful. He'll answer all your questions, one at a time, very honestly. I know it sounds crazy but I already referred my sister-in-law to him and she's had a great experience as well!" –Karen Hawkins

"I was hanging out at Pyramid Lake with my friends and I thought it would be fun to do a back flip on the beach. That was not the best idea I've ever had. When I hit the ground, I knew something was wrong, but I didn't know how bad it was. I tried ice, but it became obvious pretty fast that we needed to go to the emergency room. Renown sent me to Reno Diagnostic for x-rays (which showed a meniscus tear, ACL and PCL). They referred me to Great Basin Orthopaedics, where I met Dr. Dolan. He explained to me what had happened and recommended arthroscopic surgery, letting me know what was happening all along the way. He performed the surgery about a year ago, which was followed by about five months of physical therapy and recovery time. I'm good as new now, but I now know better than to try and perform acrobatics on the beach!"
–Matt Montoya

"My overall experience at Great Basin Orthopaedics was great. I can't say enough good things about Dr. Dolan. The guy seemed to understand the pain I was going through, and he wanted to get to the root of the problem. After surgery and some physical therapy, I feel like I'm ready to jump back on my stand-up jetski."  

–Chuck Evans

"I injured my knee playing indoor soccer. I was referred to Dr. Dolan by my primary care/sports medicine physician. Dr. Dolan has a great reputation so I was very comfortable with that decision. He was very thorough in his evaluation and took the time to explain the anatomy. I had surgery to fix my bucket handle tear on March 4. Going in, Dr. Dolan made me feel very confident. My goal was to get back to what I love doing–skiing, biking and playing soccer–in six weeks. I accomplished my goal. And I didn't completely miss this epic ski season." 
–Don Butterfield

"It's amazing to me, because until then, a few different doctors couldn't figure out what was wrong with me. Then I literally walked in to Dr. Dolan's office, he looked at my MRI results, and he diagnosed me right then and there with bone spurs. He was so honest and supportive, totally up front about the fact that I needed surgery, but so reassuring and told me this was definitely fixable."  Read radio personality Connie Wray's story

"Dr. Hayes saved my life, I tell him that every time I go and see him. He's great." –Read Patrick Hughins full story 

"I hurt my foot playing softball last summer. My friend referred me to Great Basin Orthopaedics. The doctors were super nice, and the employees were super nice, too. I hope to be back on the softball field this summer."  –Kelly M.

"I really liked working with Dr. Dolan because we did explore all the options before opting for surgery and that was really important to me. We tried everything else first."  –Read elite runner Christina Works' full story 

"I dread going to the doctor because they don't seem to care. Dr. Hayes is different. You don't feel like he's watching the clock when he's with you. I appreciated being able to talk to my doctor after the surgery. I called him a few times with questions and he always made time for me." –Alberto Gazzola
Read this motorcycle riding chef's full story

"I  had very low expectations going into my first appointment with Dr. Hayes. Previous doctors advised me to stop running all together. Dr. Hayes understood how important running was for me. He outlined a surgical treatment plan and was confident I would run again."
–Read runner Lori Crawford's story

"I can walk-up stairs without any pain. It's just great. Dr. Dolan did a really great job and it's getting better every day."
–Frank Boitano

"As a nurse of 48 years, osteoarthritis has taken its toll on my joints especially my right ankle.  In my early 20s an injury to my right ankle followed by years of walking and job related abuse to the joint turned to excruciating pain with each step. I was not ready mentally to have the ankle fused–the only option given to me. When Dr. Richard Hayes told me I was a perfect candidate for STAR total ankle replacement I became the first in Northern Nevada to have the procedure. Would I do it again? A resounding YES! Do I climb mountains at age 69–no, but I never did. I do continue to work 12-hour shifts as a nurse and am able to walk without pain."
–Barbara M., Nurse

"I am a local PGA Professional here in Reno, Nevada. Some would say I am an accident waiting to happen. I can honestly say that thanks to Dr. Fyda I am still able to play the game I love. He has surgically repaired both of my shoulders and repaired my right fibula after a fracture. Every experience with Dr. Fyda has been professional and extremely comfortable. There is no doubt in my mind that I will be injured again and I know Dr. Fyda will be my choice."
–Cristofer N., PGA Professional

"I have received excellent professional care at Alpine Bone & Joint. I have been a patient of both Dr. Fyda and Dr. Hayes. Both doctors were thorough and knowledgeable in all facets of my care. I felt very comfortable and confident knowing I was in well-trained hands. Sandy, the medical assistant, is the best! The office staff is very helpful and caring. You can feel confident with the orthopedic care you will receive. I refer my family, friends and coworkers needing orthopedic care to Alpine Bone and Joint."
–Shannon S.

"After two knee replacements, my arthritic right ankle started getting worse in 2010.  My knee surgeon referred me to Dr. Richard Hayes, who tried conservative treatment for the first year and a half. As the ankle progressed to the point of constant daily pain with every step, I knew I would need an ankle replacement. I researched all the types of ankle surgery, and the history of the STAR device that Dr. Hayes was implanting. Dr. Hayes offered to refer me elsewhere where they had been doing the procedure longer. Being a physician myself, and having had many orthopedic procedures performed on me, I am quite confident in my ability to judge other physicians. Dr. Hayes' technical skills and bedside manner made the choice to have my procedure done in Reno an easy one. I returned to work a month after surgery and was fully functional by 8 weeks doing extensive walking on the job. By 12 weeks I was pain free and have no limitation to hiking up and down hills, walking the golf course or cycling. Being pain free after two years of daily pain and having full functionality again is a gift that can't be put into words."
–Michael N., MD

"You (Dr. Dolan) made me feel extremely comfortable in a stress filled situation the minute you first spoke to me. I immediately completely trusted you and you did everything during our doctor/patient relationship to affirm that feeling. I will be forever grateful for having met you." –Faye Lewis