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ACL Reconstruction after run-in with a dog

Teresa Cartmill hurt her tendon in November 2017, but she was managing it okay until she got sideswiped by a dog in September of 2018. She knew she needed help, but she wasn’t sure what kind, so she reached out to GBO’s Dr. Richard Mullins as she had prior experience with him.

“He helped me a few years ago when I was suffering from tennis elbow,” she explains. “But he didn’t suggest surgery at that time. Instead we went with experimental platelet-rich plasma (PRP) rich injections, which worked well.”

She says she likes that he’s not quick to rush to surgery but is willing to look at other alternatives. “When he told me I needed surgery on my knee, I knew I could trust his judgment,” she says.

Dr. Mullins completed the ACL reconstruction on her knee in January 2019 and she says she’s healing nicely. “It takes about a year to completely rehabilitate, but I’m doing well so far,” she shares.

A home health nurse, she was able to go back to work within five weeks of the surgery and she says she’s now healing well, with minimal pain and soreness. “Sometimes I forget I had surgery,” she says.

She’s also now back at the gym, with modifications to her work-outs, and she’s looking forward to hiking in Yellowstone on a family vacation this month.   

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