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Strong recovery from knee replacement surgery got one woman back in the game
Marlies Radtke riding a horse on the beach
Technological advances have made total knee replacement (TKR) surgery less invasive and quicker to recover from. Read about one patient's decision to get the surgery and her successful outcome.
These Two Conditions Are Often Misdiagnosed As Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
Most people have heard of carpal tunnel syndrome and with good reason. According to a 2022 report by Penn Highlands Healthcare System, more than 16.9 million Americans experience carpal tunnel syndrome per year. 
Keep horse time fun by avoiding injury
Dr Travis Kieckbusch and Justin Sports Medicine Team tending to rodeo participant
The Reno Rodeo kicks up its hooves every June with some of the country’s best rodeo performances, so summer is a great time to think about safety around horses.
7 Ways to Keep Arthritis Pain at Bay This Winter
main with hand pain
If you’re one of those people who “feel it in your bones” when the temperature drops, you’re not alone. In fact, extra aches and pains this time of year in your joints or at the site of old injuries is relatively common for those with arthritis.   
Tips for a Healthy, Active Winter
walking in snow
Let’s be real – it’s a lot easier to get outside for a jog or take a ride on your bike when the sun is shining on a warm summer evening and ice and snow aren’t covering the ground.
Getting Back in the Game: One Patient’s Healing Journey
Women's football tackle
Cassie Macias-Hicks has returned to the field, playing running back for Nevada Storm, a professional tackle football team in the Women’s Football Alliance (WFA) after Dr. Christopher Dolan successfully repaired her ruptured ACL.
Pediatric Orthotics — Helping Our Smallest Patients Heal Well
child in arm splint
While many of us have come to associate “orthotics” with corrective shoe inserts, the term actually refers to any external device used to adjust the function of the neuromuscular or skeletal system. These devices can be rigid or soft and include splints, braces, and wraps.
Four Common Orthopaedic Problems in Women
Young woman who hurt her shoulder playing tennis.
In an earlier blog, we identified the six most common orthopaedic injuries in men. In this blog we take a look at some of the most common injuries the Great Basin Orthopaedics (GBO) team sees in their female patients.   
Why Does My Knee Hurt?
Person kicking soccer ball on soccer field.
Don Butterfield was playing soccer a few years ago when he stuck his leg out to defend a shot. “The ball hit my toe awkwardly and twisted my knee,” he explains.  
Building a Positive Company Culture
Building a Positive Company Culture
In her role as Practice Administrator, Kim Gulling is responsible for overseeing every aspect of Great Basin Orthopaedics (GBO) — the doctors, physical therapy, administration, billing and operations.
The Danger with Avocados
The Danger with Avocados
Pamela Locricchio-Wiens met Dr. Timothy Dooley the hard way. While trying to remove the pit from an avocado, the knife went through her hand. When she got to the Northern Nevada Medical Center emergency room and found out she would need surgery, she had a special request.
Racing to Better Knee Health
Nevada Rattler Race Car
As a retired race car driver and mechanic, Ricky Ruiz has had his fair share of injuries. In his 74 years on the planet, he has had ankle and wrist surgery, a broken collarbone and a broken neck.