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The Danger with Avocados

Pamela Locricchio-Wiens met Dr. Timothy Dooley the hard way. While trying to remove the pit from an avocado, the knife went through her hand. When she got to the Northern Nevada Medical Center emergency room and found out she would need surgery, she had a special request.

“I had good luck with Dr. Dolan who worked on my knees, so I asked if I could get someone from GBO to work on my hand,” she says. “They said I got lucky because Dr. Dooley was on call. I cut my hand in the morning, and he repaired my hand and nerves that afternoon.”

It’s been two years since her harrowing experience with the avocado knife, and she says her hand is now working perfectly. “You really can’t even see the scar,” she says. “He did a fantastic job.”