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An Occupational Therapist Gives Tips for Hand Injuries Prevention
Hand therapy
An occupational therapist specializing in h
ACL Reconstruction after run-in with a dog
ACL Reconstruction
Teresa Cartmill hurt her tendon in November 2017, but she was managing it okay until she got sideswiped by a dog in September of 2018. She knew she needed help, but she wasn’t sure what kind, so she reached out to GBO’s Dr. Richard Mullins as she had prior experience with him.
Stay in the game! Injury prevention exercises, stretches and equipment
adult softball league team
Participating in regular exercise, such as recreational sports, is a great way to improve your overall health and well-being.
Billing department finds ‘joy’ in dealing with insurance companies
Billing department
For many people, dealing with medical bills and insurance companies is more stressful than the actual procedure.
Daylight Saving Time = more hours for fun!
Danielle enjoying the sun in Ojai California.
Daylight Saving Time is a day when people throughout the country get to set their clocks an hour ahead to enjoy another hour of daylight. More hours of daylight mean more hours for play after work, something outdoor enthusiasts don’t take for granted.
9 effective strategies from Reno’s chronic pain management doctors
effective strategies
Chronic conditions, arthritic joints and old injuries mean that many of us experience some level of pain regularly. But chronic pain does not need to control our lives.
Personalized options for hip replacement patients
Personalized options
Gone are the days of the S, M, L, XL approach to total hip replacement, thanks to a new surgical technology available for GBO patients.
The gift of health
The gift of health
As you finalize your holiday shopping, you might want to consider giving your loved ones a gift to make them feel better. Here are some ideas to consider.
How to prepare for your orthopaedic surgery
orthopaedic surgery
There are many ways to prepare for surgery to make the procedure easier and the recovery more comfortable. Some of these preparations are obvious, others less so.
Patient gets three shoulder repairs in one surgery
Patient gets three shoulder
Surgery is not always warranted with an orthopaedic injury, so it pays to have a care team that presents all your options. Mike Ingram found that team and those options for his shoulder injury at Great Basin Orthopaedics.  
Just because the shoe fits, doesn’t mean you should wear it
women in high heeled shoes
There are good shoes and there are bad shoes. When you choose appropriate shoes for your activity, you help prevent injury, support foot and gait health and you’re more comfortable, too.
Cheering for continuity of care
Kiley Cryer
Galena High School student Kiley Cryer had a piece of cartilage forming over the natural gap in her foot. As it was starting to calcify, surgery was necessary for her to maintain her range of motion and avoid a bone fusion.