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Billing department finds ‘joy’ in dealing with insurance companies

For many people, dealing with medical bills and insurance companies is more stressful than the actual procedure. That’s one of the reasons Great Basin Orthopaedics (GBO) works to ensure our billing department team is experienced, dedicated to the details and focused on taking care of our patients.

Meet the Billing Department

Jessica Macias is responsible for obtaining insurance company authorizations to ensure there are no billing problems after procedures. She joined the GBO team four years ago and has worked in billing for the last year. While most people are not fans of talking to insurance company representatives, she says she enjoys her job immensely, particularly the inherent challenges involved with it.

“There are times we have to get a patient into surgery within two or three days, and I enjoy the challenge of making sure the insurance company is on board with that,” she explains.

Beth Sinfellow and Teri Fayette work in the coding department, Beth as a certified coder and Teri as a biller, where they’re responsible for ensuring data is input correctly into the system. This is obviously critical to make sure the bills can be easily understood by our patients, but also to ensure insurance companies are satisfied.

Fayette has 30 years of experience in medical billing and joined the GBO practice a year ago. She says she enjoys working at GBO, but especially the interactions she has with GBO patients. “Since I’m in billing, I may not be the most popular person on the team, but I rarely talk to anybody who is too upset,” she says. “I think that’s because our doctors and administrators are all so great.”

Sinfellow echoes that sentiment. She has worked in the medical field for her entire adult life, and joined the GBO family two years ago. “I love it here,” she shares. “We have a terrific team of doctors and staff members who are truly dedicated to our patients.”

Debbie Ackerman is the Accounts Receivable Specialist — the one who makes sure GBO gets paid by insurers. She resolves any issues with patient insurance companies. She also enjoys her interactions with patients. “It’s my job to work out a plan that works for everyone,” she shares. “And I find that incredibly rewarding.”

Like the rest of the GBO staff, the members of the billing department are here to make sure the patient experience is as easy as possible. If you have you any questions about your bill, insurance benefits or anything else, please call 775-786-1600.