Kiley Cryer

Cheering for continuity of care

Galena High School student Kiley Cryer had a piece of cartilage forming over the natural gap in her foot. As it was starting to calcify, surgery was necessary for her to maintain her range of motion and avoid a bone fusion.

Dr. Richard Hayes removed the cartilage during out-patient surgery in January 2018 and she started physical therapy (PT) with GBO’s Stephen Capel about two weeks after that.

“It was super convenient having PT at the same place as my surgery because they worked together to help me focus on my goals, to know what I could and couldn’t do and what my limits were,” she says. “They were available to answer my questions on the spot, which helped the entire process go faster.” The other advantage is that Cryer could go straight from her doctor’s appointment with Dr. Hayes, upstairs to see Capel.

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Cryer says she’s now back to where she was before the surgery, if not better. A student-athlete, she was able to start cheerleading up again in May. “I’m still getting used to having motion that I’ve never had before,” she says. “With the kind of tumbling I do, I might start on the spring floor and move down to the grass or the basketball court. That takes a lot of flexibility I didn’t have before.”

GBO added the in-clinic physical therapy facility in January 2018, for just this reason, to offer our patients an even more comprehensive solution to their injuries. The full-service facility is under the supervision of Dr. Joel Peck, and his team includes Capel, Amy Weyhenmeyer and Occupational Therapist Cindy Hartman.

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