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Dr. Kieckbusch solved the mystery

Margie McAvay has suffered from tremendous pain for many years. “The pain is nonstop and I’m tired all the time,” she says. “My lifestyle has completely changed. Just three years ago I was playing golf and going to the gym and now I’m only mobile for a few hours a day.”

To try and determine the cause of her pain, she had many, many doctors’ appointments and endured more than 30 tests, including x-rays and bloodwork to determine if she had cancer. Because she was describing the pain as “inside her bones,” her primary physician referred her to Great Basin Orthopaedics’ Dr. Travis Kieckbusch.

“I described my pain to him, which made him think it was nerve damage,” she explains.

Tests proved him correct, which gave McAvay tremendous relief. “It’s not even in his wheelhouse, but he’s the one — out of everybody — who came up with the diagnosis,” she says. “He examined my legs, looked at the x-rays and then put me in touch with a nerve specialist.”

While GBO doesn’t treat nerve damage, the diagnosis made it possible for McAvay to schedule the surgery she needs. “It was Dr. Kieckbusch who put this whole process in motion,” she says. “I’ve seen every kind of specialist under the sun and he was the only one who said, ‘this is your nerves,’ and then he got me on the road to recovery pretty quickly.”

She adds that her entire experience at GBO helped her feel better. “Even the brightness and friendliness of the staff put me in a better mood,” she says.

If you’d like to discuss the pain you’re experiencing, along with possible solutions, give GBO a call at 775-786-1600.