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Why See An Orthopaedic Surgeon For Arthritis?
what can you do to lessen the effects of arthritis and improve quality of life? Early detection and putting a treatment plan in place are the keys to slowing the progression and managing the pain.
If you have (or suspect you have) arthritis, you may want to see an orthopaedic surgeon. Why? Because surgery is not the only tool in an orthopaedic surgeon’s toolbox. Far from it, in fact.
Carpal Tunnel Syndrome: The Good, The Bad and The Unavoidable
Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
Most everyone has heard of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, and with good reason.
On- and Off-the-Trail Hiking Advice and Injury Prevention
Hiking Advice and Injury Prevention
Dr. Richard Hayes, a lifelong hiker and fellowship-trained foot and ankle specialist at GBO, owns the ‘practice what you preach’ mantra.
Michael Lilyquist Joins Great Basin Orthopaedics
Michael Lilyquist
Dr. Michael Lilyquist has joined the team of highly skilled and accomplished orthopaedic specialists at Great Basin Orthopaedics (GBO), one of Reno’s top practices dedicated to bone and joint care.
GBO docs behind the scenes at the Reno Rodeo
GBO docs
We attend the Reno Rodeo every year to enjoy the prowess of the cowboys and the livestock, but what happens when an athlete gets hurt?
Avoiding running injuries, part II
Avoiding running injuries
We’re back with Part II of our Avoiding Running Injuries series. Check out Avoiding Running Injuries Part I for how-to protect yourself while running.
How to avoid horse-related injuries
Dr. Dolan and Dr. Kieckbusch standing in front of Justin Sports Medicine Team truck.
If you’ve spent time in Reno during the summer you know that June is rodeo season. Rodeo and horseback riding are exciting sports with long and proud histories, especially in northern Nevada.
Avid skier returns to slopes after knee injury
Avid skier returns
Avoiding running injuries
Woman stretching before running
Our recreational activities require more planning and vigilance now that we’re living in a COVID-19 world. Click here to learn more.
GBO docs behind the scenes: Dr. Christopher Dolan
Dr. Dolan on the Galena Grizzly sidelines
Orthopedic Volunteering for Nevada's Athletes We go to sporting events to enjoy the prowess of the athletes, but what happens when they get hurt on the field?
Meet Ashleigh Cox - GBO's smile at the front door
Ashley Cox
  What I love most about my job:
Single sport specialization can be dangerous for young athletes
specialization can be dangerous for young athletes
Parents can be motivated to keep their children in one sport by the prospect of scholarships or their child “making it big” and becoming professional athletes.