Physical Therapy Testimonials


“I’ve been working with GBO’s physical therapy team for several months, since having knee surgery with Dr. Fyda. They make sure I know what’s going on at all times, often answering my questions before Icanask them. Amy (Wehnemeyer, PT, DPT, CSCS) is always gentle and cautious, without babying me. She explains what I should be doing at home and what to expect when I went back to work. And she’s always right, to the tee. I also like how well everyone seems to get along. They work well together.”   
Marie Valles







“I completed my physical therapy (PT) with GBO, after my ACL surgery with GBO’s Dr. Fyda, and I have nothing but rave reviews for both medical teams. I really liked that they had a genuine interest in my recovery, and getting me back to the level of physical ability I had before my injury, so I can go back to enjoying horseback riding, hiking, backpacking and skiing, among other things. They listened to my concerns, gave me tools I could use between appointments and gauged my recovery to make sure I was staying on track. With some of these medical offices, you feel like a number, but the GBO team treated me like an individual and that was really important to me.”   
Kristin McClellan