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Thomas Fyda, MD

Thomas Fyda, MD


Specialty:Sports Medicine
Board Certified:American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons
Fellowship:Orthopaedic Sports Medicine Fellowship – The Orthopaedic Specialty Hospital, Salt Lake City, Utah
Residency:Orthopaedic Surgery, University of Iowa Hospital and Clinics, Iowa City, Iowa
Medical School:Duke University Medical School, Durham, NC – MD
Undergraduate Degree:Dartmouth College, Hanover, NH – AB in Mathematics
Professional Associations:Nevada State Medical Association Washoe County Medical Society


As far back as high school, Dr. Thomas Fyda knew he wanted to pursue a career in medicine. It was his years playing football, rowing crew and skiing that led him to his specialty.

Dr. Fyda’s passion for sports, and his own series of sports injuries, helped pique his interest in the field of orthopaedics in general and sports medicine in particular. He also recognized that orthopaedics offered him the opportunity to fix problems and see results, unlike the long-term wait-and-see approach that physicians are confronted with in many other areas of medicine.

Born and raised in Youngstown, Ohio, Dr. Fyda earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in mathematics at Dartmouth College before completing his medical degree at Duke University. He completed an orthopaedic surgery residency at the prestigious University of Iowa Hospital and Clinics and went on to do an Orthopaedic Sports Medicine Fellowship at the Orthopaedic Specialty Hospital in Salt Lake City.

Dr. Fyda has spent the majority of his 20-year orthopaedic career immersed in sports medicine, taking care of the shoulder, knee and elbow injuries that tend to plague athletes. He was the first Reno area physician to get board certified in the subspecialty of Orthopaedic Sports Medicine the first year the American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons offered it in 2007.

Dr. Fyda has been told he’s a perfectionist. While he might argue for “conscientious and thorough,” perfectionism is not a bad characteristic to have in the person rebuilding your knee or repairing your shoulder. He recognizes the importance of communicating with patients and explaining any recommended course of action.

In his practice, Dr. Fyda has found that many of his patients can be managed with a conservative, non-surgical treatment plan. When he does recommend surgery, it is because it presents the patient with their best option for a positive outcome. Physical therapists throughout the community — who see the result of surgery first hand — regularly refer their patients to Dr. Fyda.

At the end of the day, Dr. Fyda measures his value as an orthopaedist by the satisfaction of his patients. Through their repeat referrals, they have indicated that his care has enhanced their quality of life.

Still an avid athlete and outdoorsman, Dr. Fyda shares his love of the Sierra, skiing, mountain biking and hiking with his wife and their four children.

Dr. Fyda measures his value as an orthopaedist by the satisfaction of his patients. Through their repeat referrals, they have indicated that his care has enhanced their quality of life. If you are considering what doctor to see for shoulder pain, call Great Basin Orthopaedics at 775.786.1600 for a consultation. You will be met with expert advice, and offered specialized treatment and care that is right for you.

Dr. Fyda is a phenomenal physician! I had a ski accident in 2016 and tore my ACL. He was patient and explained everything in terms that i could understand before and after surgery, including PT. Since then, I have had to have other knee surgeries due to "delicate" cartilage. Again, Dr, Fyda was patient and explained to me. I highly recommend him and will only go to him for my orthopedic needs.
Tina Yount
I began seeing Dr. Fyda at this office in March. I absolutely love the efficiency that this office has. Being able to get an x-ray done the same day of your first visit, is almost unheard of anymore. Dr. Fyda gave me a quick diagnosis, and we put a treatment plan to action fairly quickly. Dr. Fyda and his assistant, Stacey, are the two nicest and professional medical personnel I have seen in a long time. My shoulder has osteoarthritis, I had a torn rotator cuff, bicep tendon tear and a cyst on my clavicle. Dr. Fyda was my surgeon, and after two months my shoulder feels 200% better. My recovery time was amazing, and partly due to his skill and my tenacity.
Alicia S.
Had a total ACL reconstruction and meniscus repair 4 days ago. Dr. Fyda performed the surgery. He is awesome and I love his nurse Sandy! They (and everyone there) have been so informational, personal and caring. I am so grateful for them. Started physical therapy with Dr. Joel Peck at the same clinic. I'm walking better (albeit with crutches), my strength is getting better and he's very encouraging about my progress, knowing I want to get back to everything I was able to do before. I couldn't ask for better providers. Thank you, Great Basin Orthopaedics and Physical Therapy!
Kat Spell
I am a local PGA Professional here in Reno, Nevada. Some would say I am an accident waiting to happen. I can honestly say that thanks to Dr. Fyda I am still able to play the game I love. He has surgically repaired both of my shoulders and repaired my right fibula after a fracture. Every experience with Dr. Fyda has been professional and extremely comfortable. There is no doubt in my mind that I will be injured again and I know Dr. Fyda will be my choice.
Cristofer N., PGA Professional
Greatest Dr. Fyda and team, thank you so much for your help , kindly provide, polite bless you all awesome.
Gabriela Freeland
I was first referred to Dr. Tom Fyda when my son injured his ankle during a high school football game. After that it was a shoulder injury and then a knee injury, both suffered during separate wrestling matches. After each injury my son healed beautifully, so when I needed an orthopedic surgeon, I knew there was only one doctor I would call…Tom Fyda! I suffered a labral tear, plus other mishaps, in my right shoulder which is my dominant arm. Dr. Fyda fixed it and my golf swing is back in action. My last visit to Dr. Fyda was hands down the hardest…fractured right tibia; wasn't sure if I would ever be able to wakeboard, snowboard or run ever again. That winter I was back on my snowboard and not long after that wakeboarding and running again. Not only is he a talented surgeon and a motivator, but he gets how the whole spectrum of care-from his office staff to physical therapists-must work together so the patient can fully heal.
Kelly N.
I completed my physical therapy (PT) with GBO, after my ACL surgery with GBO’s Dr. Fyda, and I have nothing but rave reviews for both medical teams. I really liked that they had a genuine interest in my recovery, and getting me back to the level of physical ability I had before my injury, so I can go back to enjoying horseback riding, hiking, backpacking and skiing, among other things. They listened to my concerns, gave me tools I could use between appointments and gauged my recovery to make sure I was staying on track. With some of these medical offices, you feel like a number, but the GBO team treated me like an individual and that was really important to me.
Kristin McClellan
This was my first visit to GBO, I was nervous with a bit of anxiety and Dr. Fyda and his staff was very professional and put me at ease. I appreciate the care I received.
Visits with Dr. Fyda have been very comfortable and questions have been answered that I have asked. Dr. Fyda's staff are all very friendly and understanding. I appreciate what they all do. Thank you
Roxann Sterling
Dr. Fyda was very thorough, introduced me to the intern accompanying him and explained the future procedures. He did additional x‐rays and explained immediately what they revealed. So that was reassuring and gave me confidence in his assessment of the knee.
Dr.Fyda’s assessment, surgery, and follow-up on my knee problem was superlative. My entire experience with everyone on the staff, excellent. The PT staff also so professional and kind. I highly recommend GBO if anyone is looking for care.
Mark Manning
GBO is a great place if you need orthopedic surgery and their physical therapy department is 2nd to none. Dr. Fyda operated on my knee and did an excellent job. After my surgery Amy became my physical therapist and she's awesome. She really knows her stuff. She takes the time to answer all my questions, explaining everything clearly and concisely. I highly recommend GBO Physical Therapy.
Lora A.
I can only say great things about Dr Fyda and his staff at Great Basin Orthopedic. My knee replacement surgery went 110 times better than my first one did that I had in 2012 in Los Angeles. I am two weeks into my recovery and today was my first visit back to Dr. Fyda. His nurse Sandy is the best, she’s very informative on what’s going to happen during that visit and is always cheerful and pleasant. Dr Fyda always listens to my concerns and I have never felt like just a number. I will continue to do my part in the rehabilitation process. Again, thank you 🙏 Bob
Bob Vanderberg
I’ve been working with GBO’s physical therapy team for several months, since having knee surgery with Dr. Fyda. They make sure I know what’s going on at all times, often answering my questions before I can ask them. Amy (Wehnemeyer, PT, DPT, CSCS) is always gentle and cautious, without babying me. She explains what I should be doing at home and what to expect when I went back to work. And she’s always right, to the tee. I also like how well everyone seems to get along. They work well together.
Marie Valles
Doctor Fyda is an amazing and professional and talented surgeon. And his medical assistant Sandy is the best! If you have a problem shoulder this is the doctor you want to say.
Leslie Carter
I'm glad Dr. Fyda did my knees, I have had nothing but a positive outcome. One of Dr. Fyda's partners will be doing shoulder surgery. I pray for the same results as my knees turned out.
[Dr Fyda] spent a lot of time talking with me. We talked about my cycling and my goals. He was the first doctor that seemed to understand my needs. I spent a lot of years in pain, but I am grateful I waited until I found Dr. Fyda. I don't believe I would be where I am today if I had gone with a different surgeon.
Jenny Frayer
The surgical pain was gone in three to four days, and overall the pain has been minimal. I was back at the office within a week. Recovery has been much easier than I expected.
Mike Ingram
GBO is a fantastic facility, with amazing doctors, nurses, therapist and staffing. Always professional, always courteous and helpful and always with a smile. I have been working with Amy in the physical therapy department and she has been phenomenal. She’s very attentive to every detail to help your progress continue moving forward. I’m so grateful I was led to Dr. Fyda and Amy at GBO with my knee injury.
Booklover 4
Dr. Fyda was kind, caring and professional as he explained my X-Ray and later, MRI results, confirming I need total ACL reconstruction. He went over the options, risks versus benefits at length and we agreed to use my own tendons rather than cadaver tissue. I like that he included me in the decision process, and didn't rush me into having surgery immediately.
I’ve been really happy with the care at GBO. I liked that Dr. Fyda was more matter of fact than other doctors I’ve seen. It felt more structured, which gave me a lot more confidence. And from the first visit, [Dr Fyda's assistant] Sandy made me feel very comfortable. She even gave me her phone number to call at any time if I had any questions or concerns.
Debbi Engebritson
I have had rotator cuff repair on both of my shoulders 3 years apart. Dr. Fyda did both surgeries and I am forever grateful for his expertise and care. There is no group of ortho doctors I would trust with my body. Thank you GBO for being so caring.
Patti Goldman
I tore my meniscus in my left knee a year ago. I listened to friends that had theirs repaired and had nothing but bad to say about it. Pain was getting worse and I was referred to see Dr Fyda. He performed surgery and I'm blown away at the quality of his work. Absolutely no pain and haven't had to take any medication so far. I was also able to put my full weight on my knee right after surgery. Its great not to have to walk around with a cain and be pain free. I highly recommend Great Basin Orthopedic.
Scott Edwards
Dr. Fyda is always professional while showing concern with progress and efforts made toward healing. I’m going into surgery with confidence I'm in good hands.
Dr. Fyda replaced my knee and it is perfect and Dr. Hayes replaced my ankle and it is also perfect. Everyone at GBO is first rate.
douglas truhill