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Christopher Dolan, MD

Christopher Dolan, MD


Specialty:Sports Medicine; Arthroscopy of the knee, shoulder and elbow
Board Certified:American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons
Fellowship:Stanford University Arthroscopy and Sports Medicine Fellowship, Palo Alto, CA – Fellow
Internship/Residency:Grand Rapids Orthopaedic Residency Program/Michigan State University, Grand Rapids, MI
Medical School:University of California, Davis School of Medicine, Davis, CA – MD
Undergraduate Degree:University of California, Davis, Davis, CA – BA in History and BS in Physiology
Professional Associations:American Orthopaedic Society for Sports Medicine
Washoe County Medical Society


Dr. Dolan is one of the region's only sports medicine specialists with experience providing care for professional athletes. While completing a year of sub-specialty training in a sports medicine fellowship at Stanford University, he served as the team physician on the field and in the locker room for the San Francisco 49ers. The care he provided for Stanford's athletes included many professional athletes and Olympic athletes as well.

Dr. Dolan was born and raised in Reno, Nevada and is a proud graduate of Wooster High School. He completed his undergraduate training and medical school at UC Davis and then his orthopaedic residency at Michigan State University School of Medicine. Dr. Dolan returned to his beloved hometown to establish his practice after a year of specialty training at Stanford University.

Dr. Dolan is an orthopaedic surgeon with a special interest in the prevention, treatment, and rehabilitation of sports related injuries, and arthroscopy of the shoulder and knee. He has been performing complex shoulder and knee surgeries for over a decade and has advanced training in treating traumatic and degenerative disease of the shoulder, including the procedures of anatomic and reverse total shoulder replacements. He also performs cutting edge minimally invasive arthroscopic shoulder stabilization, rotator cuff repairs, and superior capsule reconstructions along. A specialist in knee pain and injury, he also performs ligament reconstruction and cartilage restoration procedures of the knee. With broad experience in treating traumatic injuries and fractures, Dr. Dolan also holds a position on the Renown orthopaedic trauma panel.

Dr. Dolan provides on-field care for many of our local athletes and is committed to education. He serves as the team orthopaedist for the University of Nevada Division I athletes, and provides on-field care for Galena and Wooster High School, along with other local teams. He has significant experience caring for the throwing athlete and provided care for the Western Nevada Wildcats during their successful run in junior college baseball. He continues to volunteer time educating medical students, residents, and fellows as a faculty member for the University of Nevada School of Medicine.

Patient education is essential to Dr. Dolan's practice and he believes in evidence-based medicine and a multidisciplinary approach to the prevention, treatment, and recovery of each patient. His goal is to individualize care and work towards a shared goal with his patients to maintain an active, productive, and enjoyable lifestyle. He also believes in the importance of nutrition to maintaining a healthy active lifestyle. He and his family follow a Paleo-inspired whole food diet. He is blessed to share his delivery of exceptional care with his wife Carolyn who has a doctorate in physical therapy and masters in holistic nutrition. Together they have developed a program to help maximize recovery. The Dolans have three healthy wonderful children that bring joy to their lives every day in new and exciting ways.

Dr. Dolan knows that choosing a doctor is an important and personal Dr. Dolan knows that choosing a doctor is an important and personal decision, and he is honored and privileged that you would consider him for your orthopaedic care. If you are looking for a sports medicine doctor near you, call Great Basin Orthopaedics at 775.786.1600 for a consultation.

I felt really comfortable in this practice. From the very start, things were run efficiently. Was extremely worried and Dr. Dolan' nurse (Sam) had a great smile and manner; Dr. Dolan was FANTASTIC.
When I hit the ground, I knew something was wrong. [X-rays] showed a meniscus tear, ACL and PCL. Reno Diagnostic referred me to Great Basin Orthopaedics, where I met Dr. Dolan. He explained to me what had happened and recommended arthroscopic surgery, letting me know what was happening all along the way. He performed the surgery about a year ago, which was followed by about five months of physical therapy and recovery time. I'm good as new now.
Matt Montoya
Great Basin Orthopaedics (GBO) is the best, most well-run office I’ve ever been to. Dr. Dolan was so professional and explained everything clearly. He’s a very smart man and has a great bedside manner. The entire office is efficient, polite and friendly. The office management should be commended for their insight in running a professional and friendly environment for their patients and families. I highly recommend Dr. Dolan and Great Basin Orthopaedics for anyone needing orthopedic care.
Anna Vitteriti
It was a honor to have a Doctor who works on professional athletes take the time to work on me. With my shoulder always popping out of socket with ease, Dr Dolan made sure to get me in his tight schedule as soon as possible. He's an amazing person who also went out of his way to drive and perform the surgery at the place my insurance would only cover. His staff and assistant Samantha are just as impressive.
Brandon D
This is the best orthopaedic clinic I have ever been in. Dr. Dolan and his staff are all stars! Dr. Dolan has the type of personality that makes it easy for his patients to understand their individual medical issue. His expertise is top notch. This practice has a staff that is professional, respectful, courteous and considerate. The doctors at Great Basin participate as professionals for our UNR teams. There are other orthopedic doctors in Reno, but, in my opinion, none as great as the doctors with the GBO team.
Kathy A.
Dr. Mullins is easy to talk to. He listens. Surgery was performed with a warm, compassionate, experienced team. And I was walking the next day. I particularly appreciate that he arranges for a post-op visit the day after surgery, and physical therapy to begin asap. I would definitely recommend Dr. Mullins and his team.
Vicki Brunet
I was experiencing a lot of pain in my right knee last fall so I went to see Dr. Dolan. We tried a cortisone shot at first, but then ended up doing surgery. Everything from pre- to post surgery went extremely well. After six weeks of physical therapy, I'm hiking, swimming twice a week, riding horses and fishing with my husband. I just love Dr. Dolan. His socks always match his tie and he's so personable. His bedside manner is beyond the point of being wonderful. He'll answer all your questions, one at a time, very honestly. I already referred my sister-in-law to him and she's had a great experience as well!
Karen Hawkins
Dr. Mullins is extremely efficient. Our daughter loved going to see him (well not really, but had to because of her injury) His bedside manners and his explanation to a young girl helped with her recovery. We have recommended your office numerous times and will continue I am sure, with the sport she is in.
Dr. Dolan and his assistant Sam are exceptional. I have seen Dr. Dolan multiple times for multiple injuries and each time I came away better, including a very successful knee surgery. He is incredibly knowledgeable and professional and Sam is nothing short of amazing and accommodating. All-in-all A+ service.
Kelly D.
Dr. Mullins and his staff at Great Basin Orthopaedics made my surgery experience as easy as possible, and I'm very happy with the way my shoulder is healing. If you are having pain, take the time to see Dr. Mullins: He will be honest, open, and will provide you with the best care to get better quickly.
Ailene Azzam
I recommend Dr. Dolan whenever I hear of someone with knee pain. He has been helping me with a cartilage problem in my knee for the last three years. I know I'll need surgery eventually, but he's been great about helping me manage it in the meantime.
Jenny Likes
I had no choice when Dr. Dolan performed surgery on my shoulder and upper arm, as I came into the hospital in the wee hours of the morning, as an emergency. Boy, did I get lucky! Not only did he do a great job, but his after-care was complete. He was thorough in explaining what was done and why it was done. He followed my case for months with detail and completeness. I highly recommend him.
I can walk-up stairs without any pain. It's just great. Dr. Dolan did a really great job and it's getting better every day.
Frank Boitano
Dr. Dolan & Sam are great!!! Excellent bedside manner. I really appreciate their care & your office getting in quickly! Thank you!
I was told Dr. Dolan was the best knee doctor, and he lived up to the billing. Very thorough, answered all my questions, and had some great 49er stories. Gave me a Lotta options besides just knee replacement surgery and I’m blessed to have gotten to see him. I highly recommend him to anyone who is suffering. Any kind of orthopedic problems. Sincerely Matt Clark.
Matt Clark
I have sent a new patient to Great Basin, Dr. Christopher Dolan, which operated on me. I am very confident in his care. The staff is excellent at Great Basin.
Dr. Dolan is an absolute all-star. He treated our son for a fracture and his staff was just as awesome as he is. I will be coming back I'm sure, as I have two sons who think they're invincible. If you need an orthopedic surgeon, then Dr. Dolan is your guy. Thanks Dr. Dolan for your great knowledge and dedication and thanks to your staff for their kind and welcoming environment.
Nate I.
I landed on my shoulder and broke my clavicle and humerus. I initially went to another orthopedic practice and was very unhappy. After my first surgery and physical therapy, I wasn't healing and was in a lot of pain, so I had my records transferred [to GBO] and met with Dr. Dolan. I wish I would have gone there first! He had a lovely bedside manner. He would sit with me and show me my x-rays and explain what was going on, something my first surgeon at the other place never did. After two surgeries with Dr. Dolan, I'm happy to say I'm active again and feeling much better than before. I would recommend Great Basin Orthopaedics to anyone. The staff treated me very well. Every time I walked in, everyone knew my name and I wasn't just a number like at the other place.
Christine Prince
Dr. Dolan is a great surgeon, very thorough and a nice guy. My pain was so minimal, I was off the pain pills in three days and sleeping in my bed which is not always possible after shoulder surgery.
Andrew Martonyi
Great Basin Orthopaedics and Dr. Dolan are outstanding. Had issue diagnosed quickly putting my mind at ease and treatment was set up for my care. Pain was substantially reduced after initial visit.
Jerry Pete
Great Basin Orthopaedics and Dr. Dolan are outstanding. Had issue diagnosed quickly putting my mind at ease and treatment was set up for my care. Pain was substantially reduced after initial visit.
Jerry Pae
I understand it will take at least a week for this treatment to have full effect. I also would add that after seeing Dr. Dolan last year for my knee, I'm ecstatic about the results. My last doctor wanted to do surgery, but Dr. Dolan wanted to try to avoid that if possible. Not only is my knee doing great, I didn't have to have the surgery or deal with the recovery and physical therapy that goes along with it! You guys are the best
[Dr. Dolan] made me feel extremely comfortable in a stress filled situation the minute he first spoke to me. I immediately completely trusted him and he did everything during our doctor/patient relationship to affirm that feeling. I will be forever grateful for having met him.
Faye Lewis
When Dr. Mullins told me I needed surgery on my knee, I knew I could trust his judgment. It takes about a year to completely rehabilitate, but I’m doing well so far. Sometimes I forget I had surgery.
Teresa Cartmill
I really liked working with Dr. Dolan because we did explore all the options before opting for surgery and that was really important to me. We tried everything else first.
Christina Works