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Build a career where you want to build a life.

Get to know Great Basin Orthopaedics

Great Basin Orthopaedics (GBO) is devoted to the health and well-being of our community. Our commitment is evident not only through the care we offer patients, but through involvement with our community.

As a group, we hold diverse interests and come from different areas of expertise, but we share a common vision: to provide an individualized approach to orthopaedic care using the most sophisticated technology and effective resources available.

Benefits include:

  • Employed position with partnership track
  • Salary plus bonus potential
  • Comprehensive benefits (i.e. PTO, 401K and Profit Sharing Plan)

Come home to Reno-Tahoe

Reno-Tahoe is a vibrant, culturally diverse, outdoor community with a beautiful river running through its core and easy access to the majestic Sierra Nevada Mountains. Lake Tahoe – the highest alpine lake in North America – is 30 minutes away, and just “over the hill” of the Sierra Nevada mountains are San Francisco and Napa Valley wine country.

We are home to world-class, year-round outdoor recreation opportunities, including water skiing, paddle boarding, golfing, skiing, mountain biking, hunting and camping. Add in a rich cultural arts scene, evolving food scene, non-stop events (think Artown and Burning Man) and our famous gaming, and it’s hard to beat Reno Tahoe.

Just a short drive “over the hill” of the Sierra Nevada mountains takes you to the city of San Francisco and the wine country of Napa Valley. For air travel, Reno-Tahoe International airport is conveniently located just outside downtown Reno. The airport is easily accessible by a single freeway exit and can be accessed from GBO's clinic in under 10 minutes.

A growing and diversifying community

Technology companies in Northern Nevada like Tesla, Apple, Google, Panasonic, Sierra Nevada Corporation, and Flirtey are making their mark across industries and laying down roots in our community. More and more technology-driven companies and the talented-folks who work for them are relocating to the Reno-Sparks region — they need and expect high quality health care.

Resources for relocation

Additional Chamber of Commerce relocation resources

Thank you for your interest in Great Basin Orthopaedics. We strive to develop a culture that encourages lasting relationships within the community, while promoting the balance between work and every-day life.

Board Certified and Board Eligible orthopaedic surgeons interested in pursuing a career with GBO can forward their CV to Kim Gulling or call our administrative office at 775.800.1858.

I have been a patient of both Dr. Fyda and Dr. Hayes. Both doctors were thorough and knowledgeable in all facets of my care. I felt very comfortable and confident knowing I was in well-trained hands.
Shannon S.
Great care from all levels!!! Excellent care from the emergency room to rehab! Follow-up care will be excellent, also!!! Excellent care, excellent recovery, makes healing much faster, perfect recipe!!!
the staff at Great Basin is excellent from the phone, front desk, nurses and x-ray tech. very pleasant to deal with.
Great service. Nice staff. Would recommend to anyone needing knee replacement.
Jil L.
My son was seriously injured in a skateboarding accident. The hospital said nothing was broken and sent him home telling him to follow up with an orthopedic specialist. He did not have insurance but was in process of getting some as he just moved to Nevada and no long qualified on mine. I called all the orthopedic clinics I could find they all said they would not see him. Finally one said OK in Sept. Even though I told them he could not use his arm at all and was in incredible pain. Get some insurance and call back. I offered to self pay for him still no. I finally found Great Basin. They were the kindest most helpful people I had talked to anywhere. They got him in within 4 days. The cost was exactly what they said. They then counseled him on where and how to get some insurance. When I followed up with them the next day they explained how they had applied the payment I had sent and his situation regarding insurance. I understood he was going to need insurance for any major treatment. We just needed to have his arm examined and get a professional opinion and make sure letting it go, while we got insurance, was not going to cause more damage. Great Basin is the first medical facility I've had to deal with in the last two years that has actually treated us like living beings. I am so appreciative. Thank you for helping us.
Kacee Casto
It was super convenient having PT at the same place as my surgery because they worked together to help me focus on my goals, to know what I could and couldn’t do and what my limits were. They were available to answer my questions on the spot, which helped the entire process go faster.
Kiley Cryer
I'm very happy with the doctor and staff and love the nice and big waiting room.
I hurt my foot playing softball last summer. My friend referred me to Great Basin Orthopaedics. The doctors were super nice, and the employees were super nice, too. I hope to be back on the softball field this summer.
Kelly M.
The x-ray tech Kathy was a pleasure. I was crying from the pain and she even took the time out to hug me.
The check-in process was efficient. All the staff members were professional and cordial.
I love how smoothly everything runs here. My doctor is amazing the nurse is great too. From checking in, to follow ups to my surgery (ACL) everything went so smoothly and even my post op care. I wish all my doctors outside ortho would go so smoothly! Great job guys!
Sharon B.
It was a great visit. I felt heard and cared for, and left feeling very satisfied. I immediately texted a friend to recommend GBO.
This place is amazing! I am telling everyone I know!
Fixed my sons Right Clubfoot with very mininal treatment compared to other doctors recommendations. Minimal serial casting, No surgery, minimal bracing time. And over a year now with No treatment, and His foot looks perfect. Although I felt rushed along, and sometimes dismissed. I cant complain much, as I also felt the doctor did an excellent job, and wasnt there to screw around or put me through the ringer with extra treatments or procedures. Too many doctors out there seem to try and treat Clubfoot, and do more damage than good. Dont go anywhere else for clubfoot treatment.
Trisha R
It's been a few years since I went here with a broken arm and I can't thank them enough for the excellent care I got!!! I was able to avoid surgery and avoid my arm getting to stiff since he didn't put me in a full cast. The staff was super friendly throughout the whole building from the receptionist, the nurses, the x-ray techs and the dr. Literally everyone had a smile and that's rarer these days
Carissa Byram
This place has truly been a godsend since my ACL surgery. Amy knows how and when to increase my activity levels. So lucky to have her helping with my recovery.
RedandJodi Muratori
The referral to the Physical Therapy Specialists was great! I really appreciate the efficiency of this practice in terms of taking me back at my scheduled appointment time, efficiency through x-ray, and not having to wait for the doctor. These attributes really made the experience.
Gracias por toda la ayuda durante la visita.
If you live in the Reno area, you just can't do better than Great Basin Orthopaedic. I'm someone with knee problems going way back decades, as well as other orthopedic issues, so I think I know what I'm talking about. Don't settle, get the best, go to Great Basin, or, as they call it GBO. I promise you will be glad you did.
Wanda H.
A very efficient run medical facility. Very professional staff who greeted you with a smile and introduced themselves in all interactions with the organization. A model for other medical groups to take notice.
I was never a patient, but as an intern I enjoyed my time working here. The Doctors who run the practice are top notch. Work environment is structured organized and cheerful. I was offered a position but they couldn't get it approved but they gave me the help I needed to get my degree!
Austin Noriega
Totally AWESOME STAFF!! You will be glad you used them—you owe it to yourself to check them out, rather than only the HUGE “other” Ortho guys. I tried them both and I am BLESSED that I ended up with GBO. They are passionate about improving your life and helping you fully recover! Six stars out of five, 11 stars out of ten!!
David Michael Bel
Amazing office, professional, staff is happy, website is user friendly and the medical expertise is A++! Keep up the great hard work you all do in helping others.
Polly A.
I was amazed that when making the appointment that they were able to see me in two days.
Our daughter broke her arm twice and was seen by Dr. Lilyquist. He is patient, kind, and explained things well to us.
Ashley G