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Richard Hayes, MD

Richard Hayes, MD


Specialty:Foot & Ankle
Board Certified:American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons
Fellowship:Orthopaedic Foot & Ankle Surgery, Balance Orthopaedic Foot & Ankle Center/Harbor UCLA, Long Beach, CA
Military Service:Navy Reserves, Battalion Surgeon
Marine Corps, Force Recon
Residency:Orthopaedic Surgery, Campbell Clinic/University of Tennessee, Memphis, TN
Medical School:University of Tennessee College of Medicine, Memphis, Tennessee – MD
Undergraduate Degree:University of Tennessee, Knoxville, Tennessee – Biomedical Engineering
Professional Associations:American Orthopaedic Foot & Ankle Society
Nevada State Medical Association
Washoe County Medical Society


Richard Hayes thrives on a challenge. Whether he’s strapping on a pack for a multi-day hike on the John Muir Trail or slipping on surgical gloves for an ankle reconstruction, he approaches each challenge with passion and focus.

In his practice, Dr. Hayes’ approach to patient care often translates into longer appointments. He takes the time to investigate a patient’s problem thoroughly and actively engage them in their care. He believes in cooperative decision making with his patients, not just ordering a battery of tests and dictating treatment.

Even as a teenager, the focus and intensity were there. At sixteen, Hayes joined the volunteer rescue squad in his native Knoxville, Tennessee. At 17 he became the youngest certified EMT in the state. During college he volunteered on the mountain search and rescue team and dive team and worked as a firefighter – all while earning admission to the University of Tennessee College of Medicine before completing his undergraduate degree.

After graduating from medical school, where he was accepted into the Alpha Omega Alpha Medical Honor Society, Dr. Hayes completed his residency at the highly regarded Campbell Clinic in Memphis. Despite the long hours and demands of residency, Dr. Hayes’ passion to serve others was not diminished. During his residency he joined the Navy Reserves where he served eight years, first as a Battalion Surgeon and then with Force Recon (Special Forces) with the Marine Corps.

Through his medical training, Dr. Hayes developed a keen interest in the foot and ankle. To further study in that area, he completed a year-long fellowship at the UCLA/Balance Orthopaedic Foot & Ankle Center, before settling in Reno. When he began his Nevada practice in 1993, Dr. Hayes was northern Nevada’s only fellowship-trained foot and ankle specialist, a distinction he kept for 13 years.

While Dr. Hayes retired from the Navy in 1996, his desire to serve his community did not end. Since 2005, he has volunteered more than 300 hours each year with the Washoe County Sheriff’s Department as a Reserve Deputy Sheriff assigned to SWAT as a tactical surgeon. 

Dr. Hayes chooses to practice in Reno because he loves living here and the quality of life it affords him and his family. When he does get away from work and community service, you’ll find him with his wife and children, skiing the Sierras in the winter and hiking them in the summer.

Dr. Hayes' technical skills and bedside manner made the choice to have my procedure done in Reno an easy one. I returned to work a month after surgery and was fully functional by 8 weeks doing extensive walking on the job. By 12 weeks I was pain free and have no limitation to hiking up and down hills, walking the golf course or cycling. Being pain free after two years of daily pain and having full functionality again is a gift that can't be put into words.
Michael N., MD
Just over 3 weeks post-surgery for my 16-year old son's ankle and we are very pleased with the progress. The team was able to get us scheduled quickly and Dr Hayes prepared us for the surgery and lengthy recovery process. At our first follow-up his ankle had almost no swelling and he was off all pain meds after a bilateral reconstruction with a ton of scar tissue. We were able to start some weight bearing and PT starts next week. We are excited that Dr Hayes has set us on such a good path back to full function!
Paige Galeoto
My husband ruptured his Achilles while golfing and needed surgery asap. Dr. Hayes was willing to work a longer surgery day shift and fit my husband in the next day. Achilles tears are quite serious so we really appreciated the prompt accommodation.
My 11-year-old son recently fractured his left wrist. Dr. Hayes put him in the coolest cast I've ever seen. Technology is amazing these days! I can always tell if I'm going to like a doctor when I don't feel like they have somewhere else to be when they're with me. I ask a lot of questions because I want to understand what's going on. Dr. Hayes answered all of my questions until I didn't have anymore. The care we received at GBO was so good, I'm considering changing doctors for my knee.
Shelly Sayles
My daughter was seen by Dr. Richard Hayes with Great Basin Orthopaedics in 2014. She had fractured her wrist as a result of a bad fall in soccer. The office staff was consistently professional and friendly, and Dr. Hayes always spent ample time making sure we as her parents understood the injury, the course of treatment and the outcome. He showed us x-rays at each visit (to track progression of healing), answered our abundant questions and even accommodated my daughter's sensitivity to the cast by recommending options that would make it more comfortable. Her wrist is now healthy and happy, and she was back to playing soccer quickly. We were first referred to another orthopaedic practice in town by the ER doc, but after several calls to their office that went unreturned and finally contact that was less than friendly, I turned to GBO. My daughter and I are glad we did! I would highly recommend this practice, and I'm grateful to Dr. Hayes for his obvious skill and expertise.
Mikalee Byerman
I had a botched bunionectomy by podiatrist many years ago. I had lived with the results of the surgery for decades and finally decided to do something about it. Dr. Hayes is very professional and thorough. He is very cautious about infection and after-care and doesn't sugar coat your recovery. He will tell you straight up if you abuse your newly opened up foot by putting weight on it, you'll be very sorry. My surgery went off without a hitch. My foot is now beautiful.... well not exactly foot model beautiful, but to me, I'm over the moon thrilled with the results and can now be out of pain.
I was not ready mentally to have the ankle fused–the only option given to me. When Dr. Richard Hayes told me I was a perfect candidate for STAR total ankle replacement I became the first in Northern Nevada to have the procedure. Would I do it again? A resounding YES! Do I climb mountains at age 69–no, but I never did. I do continue to work 12-hour shifts as a nurse and am able to walk without pain.
Barbara M., Nurse
Dr. Hayes’ office is very well organized. The service is prompt and the care excellent. Thank you.
Amazingly, this office is a well oiled machine. I arrived in time to complete the new patient check in. I saw Dr. Hayes at the appointment time. All procedures were completed in a remarkably timely manner. Diagnosis given, treatment administered. Dr Hayes is personable and professional. Highly recommend.
Linda Turner
Dr. Hayes saved my life, I tell him that every time I go and see him. He's great.
Patrick Hughins
The facility is comfortable and easily accessible, parking is always available too. Love all the staff, they are sweet and treat you well. Dr. Hayes is the best, very knowledgeable and straight to the point. Don't bs him and he won't bs you. He also has an amazing support staff of nurses and aides, they call you back promptly and help you with anything. I really appreciate everyone here.
Catlin Godfrey
Knowing that I needed some pretty invasive / long recovery surgeries to remedy some genetic defects I began the due diligence process. I went to a couple of my trusted doctor friends for their recommendations. Both recommended Dr Hayes @ GBO without hesitation. Dr Hayes was very honest about my condition and that there were potential variables and unknowns. He gave me different directions it could go. I appreciated this real approach. The entire process from consult to pre surgery to day of surgery to post opp to now the (long) healing phase, I have felt 110% confident in Dr Hayes. I don't think I could have picked a better place or a better doctor for something so unpleasant but mandatory. Can not recommend him enough!
Sarah B.
My appointment with Dr Hayes was productive. He is professional and explains diagnosis and procedure well. Staff at Great Basin Ortho is wonderful. Scheduled surgery and completed preop at the same time so I would not have to make a return trip (180 miles) round trip before the surgery date.
Julie Johnston
Dr Hayes is very thorough. He takes the time to explain everything. This was the first Orthopaedic guy to answer all my questions without rushing me through the appt. All the staff were kind and friendly!
Laura B.
I dread going to the doctor because they don't seem to care. Dr. Hayes is different. You don't feel like he's watching the clock when he's with you. I appreciated being able to talk to my doctor after the surgery. I called him a few times with questions and he always made time for me.
Alberto Gazzola
I didn’t realize how having bad feet threw off the rest of my body. After the surgery, some calluses I had just fell right off because my feet were in the proper shape. And my entire body feels better. I also no longer have lower back pain. God forbid I ever have to do anything like this again, but if I do, Great Basin Orthopaedics is the only place I would go. I love Dr. Hayes and I’ve heard such wonderful things about all of the other surgeons there as well.
Carolyn Hughes
Highly recommend GBO. They have the best medical staff in the Reno area. My journey has been long and I have never been treated with so much respect and kindness and compassion than at GBO. Dr Hayes has truly been the best Orthopaedic surgeon I have dealt with in Reno. I have been to other clinics in this area and GBO is truly the best. Thank you.
Bill L.
Not only is Dr. Hayes very kind and efficient, but the entire office is so friendly.
I had very low expectations going into my first appointment with Dr. Hayes. Previous doctors advised me to stop running all together. Dr. Hayes understood how important running was for me. He outlined a surgical treatment plan and was confident I would run again.
Lori Crawford
This was my first experience with Great Basin and I was very impressed with their customer service. I did not wait at any step in the process more than a few minutes. Dr Hayes diagnosed my injury, prescribed PT and explained to me what had caused my injury and a few things I could do in the meantime to help. He was knowledgeable, professional, and friendly. He asked if I had any questions but did not spend time with small talk or hand holding. I could see some patients disliking this, but I thought it was perfect as I do not like wasting time at a doctors office but still felt he thoroughly addressed my needs. Everyone I interacted with had a positive attitude and the entire process took less than 45 minutes.
Shannon T.
Dr. Hayes is always honest and tells you like it is. The office staff if always so kind and friendly. I highly recommend Dr. Hayes, I trust him and his medical advice.
Dr. Hayes seems to care about the patients and how they’re feeling. He knows I’m frustrated my ankle is not getting better and the pain it’s in and that I’m scared to have another surgery and he is trying everything he can before he has to do another surgery.