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A Fall Leads to Dr. Fitzpatrick

Sandra Ritchey found Dr. Sean Fitzpatrick when a broken kneecap took her to Urgent Care in late September. And she’s grateful that she found her way to Great Basin Orthopaedics’ newest surgeon.

“He knew what he was doing and he was concise in the way he communicated with me,” she says. “He told me my bones were knitting together again and he made me feel good about the entire process.”

After several months of physical therapy, Ritchey is now as good as new. “Everything is fine and it doesn’t hurt at all,” she says.

At 83 years old, she’s not looking to run a marathon, but she does walk a lot and she likes being able to get around without limping.

“I am very happy with Dr. Fitzpatrick,” she says. “If I ever break another bone again, I’m definitely going back to him.”